Dodic Furniture

Galaxy Corner sofa

Technical description

Cover details
Cover Fabric; Eco leather (PU); combinations: PU + fabric;  
Stitching Same color as cover (TT)
Piping -
Fixed or loose Fixed
Filling details
Seat cushions Polyurethane foam density32 kg/m³ + layer of acrylic fiber density200 gr/m²
Back cushions Polyurethane foam density22 kg/m³ + layer of acrylic fiber density200 gr/m²
Decorative cushions -
Arm/frame Polyurethane foam density20 kg/m³ + layer of acrylic fiber density200 gr/m²
Frame details
Timber Fir, beech, chipboard, hardboard, cardboard
Construction Glued and stapled
Seat support Springs
Back support Elastic webbing
Mechanism and mattress
Type Pull-up scissors
Mattress Polyurethane foam density25 kg/m³ + layer of acrylic fiber density200 gr/m²
Assembling Attached
Main feet material Metal
Color Silver
Code Element
005 Taboret
006 Taboret maxi
010 Armchair
011 Right armchair
012 Left armchair
013 Armchair terminal – 60cm
013max Armchair terminal maxi – 70cm
015 Corner
020 Two-seater
021 Right two-seater
022 Left two-seater
023 Two-seater terminal
030 Three-seater
031 Right three-seater
032 Left three-seater
033 Three-seater terminal
041 Left chaise longue
042 Right chaise longue
020M Two-seater mechanism
021M Right two-seater mechanism
022M Left two-seater mechanism
023M Two-seater terminal mechanism
030M Three-seater mechanism
031M Right three-seater mechanism
032M Left three-seater mechanism
033M Three-seater terminal mechanism